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Insurance and Payment Information


Nature Coast Urology is a provider for Medicare and most major insurance companies below are just some of the insurances we accept:

AARP, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Cigna, Freedom, Humana, Medicare, Optimum

Ultimate Health Plans,United Health Care, Wellcare


If you do not see your insurance on the list please call your Health Plan to see if we are participating. If we are not participating and you have out of network benefits please feel free to call and make an appointment with our office.

Our billing department provides insurance billing for you. You are responsible for charges that are not covered by your insurance at the time of your appointment. Please be prepared to make your co-payment, co-insurance or pay for your office visit in its entirety if you have not met your deductible.

Although our insurance verifier makes every effort to verify each patient's insurances each and every visit, it is your responsibility as a consumer to know what benefits are covered by your insurance plan. The most frequent services we find routinely NOT COVERED (but not limited to) are Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction/ED, and Vasectomies. If you are uncertain if your insurance will cover and pay for a service please contact your insurance company prior to your visit. Otherwise, we will ask you to sign our Non- Covered Services Financial Consent form prior to services being rendered and you will be responsible for payment in full.

**Please be advised if your insurance does not pay your claim within 60 days of filing due to a non-response by you, non-covered service, missing information from you, pre-existing condition denials and/or coordination of benefit denials, the balance in full will be immediately due and payable by you upon receipt of our statement. This office cannot accept responsibility for a settlement or disputed claims.**

Medicare Patients

If you have other insurance in addition to Medicare it is your responsibility to be clear on which insurance is primary. If your insurance pays you directly (those with whom we are not contracted) or if you have a secondary insurance, we will require the 20% co-insurance at the conclusion of your visit. This office cannot accept responsibility for a settlement or disputed claims. If a service we render is not a covered benefit of Medicare we will notify you prior to the service being rendered and we will have you sign a Medicare ABN form and you will be responsible for the charge.

Billing Policy and Delinquent Accounts

Our Billing Policy advises you that any account not paid in full or arrangements are not made within 30 days of receipt of our statement will automatically be forwarded to collections without further notice. Please click here to review our Billing Policy in its entirety. In addition, a collections surcharge of $20.00 will be applied to any account that has been forwarded to collections. You will be legally responsible for all collection costs involved with the collection of this account including all court costs, reasonable attorney fees and all other expenses incurred in the collection effort.

Payment Arrangements

Payment is due at the time of service. If you DO NOT have your co-pay at the time of service we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment and add an administrative fee of $10.00 to reschedule your visit.

We realize that occasionally there may be a need to set up a Payment Plan. Our Office Supervisor will be happy to assist you on any APPROVED payment arrangement.  Please understand that these payment plans are for established patients only.  Payment Plans are subject to a 1.5%/month administrative fee on any remaining unpaid balance. Failure to keep a Payment Plan account current will result in your  account going to a collection agency.  Please click here to review our complete Financial Arrangement Form.

Returned Checks

Our office accepts checks for your convenience. However, please be advised if your check is returned unpaid there will be a $30.00 returned check fee applied to your account and we will no longer accept checks from you.

No Shows

As a result of an increase in No Call/No Shows, our office charges a $25.00 No Show fee for any office visit appointment missed and $100.00 No Show fee for Procedures/Surgeries missed without proper notification.

Form Fees

Our office will be more than happy to fill out any forms required by your insurance company, work related disability forms, ETC. for a minimum of a $15.00 fee.